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Tarpaulins are supplied and manufactured to order by Protective Textile. Using materials to suit nearly any application. If you are looking for a short-term temporary cover for a simple home or domestic project or need a substantial long-term waterproof cover then Protective Textile has the solution. We manufacture to order using waterproof PVC Polyester, traditional Cotton Duck Canvas and Polyethylene PE materials. Alternative fabrics that can be used include Ripstop Canvas to produce a robust tarpaulin or Natural Flax Canvas to give a hard-wearing, environmentally friendly tarpaulin.

With many uses from building and construction to the agricultural industry. Shipping, freight forwarding, and the haulage business, they all use tarpaulins to protect products moved around the world. Are you looking for Container Top tarpaulins, flat Lorry Sheets or traditional “Rope and Sheet” with eyelets and spliced rope?  Do you need signwriting or digital printing on your tarpaulins?  Then Protective Textiles can supply the right product for your business requirements. Using a vast range of materials and qualities from lightweight grades to the heaviest weight. An endless range of colours from the basic to the exotic can be sourced.

Protective Textile has stock sizes of Polyethylene PE tarpaulins, PVC Polyester, and traditional Cotton Duck Canvas. With the ability to UK manufacture bespoke and special one-off tarpaulins to order. With eyelet, hemming and welding facilities in a traditional and modern manufacturing operation, Protective Textile can provide a service that spans over 50 years of production.

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