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Rosie’s Icebird

Rosie Swale-Pope, MBE, is an author, adventurer and marathon runner who successfully completed a five-year around-the-world run, raising £250,000 for a charity that supports orphaned children in Russia and to highlight the importance of early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Rosie is now undertaking a new challenge – to run 26 marathons in 26 days – in aid of a number of children’s hospices whilst pulling her famous cart Icebird – a small cart specially designed for her for sleeping, shelter and storage. We are delighted to have been able to help Rosie with the manufacture of a new cover for her Icebird and send her our best wishes for the challenges ahead. To follow Rosie, please see her website

The cover was manufactured from a polished 630gsm PVC polyester edged with binding tape, a zip opening with a double slider for opening inside and out, and press studs to secure the cover to the frame.